Friday, January 6, 2012

Rihanna in search of love

Rihanna has urged her friends, on Twitter, to find somebody to kiss at midnight by next New Year’s Eve.
The Bajan star tweeted her request for a boyfriend on Sunday.
“Fyi, we gotta find me somebody to kiss midnight by next NYE!!!! Melissa didn’t cut it for me lastnt,” she tweeted.
According to sources the singer’s New Year resolution is to quit smoking, make more cash and find a new man.
The 23-year-old reckons there’s no better time to quit smoking, than after finishing her grueling world tour.
“She thinks it’s a good time to do it as she has some down time. She’ll be able to dedicate even more time to working out as she’s worried she’ll pile on weight once she stops,” the Sun quoted source as saying.
“As for the men, she’s always on the lookout but she’s pretty fussy,” source added.

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